About Ruth

Ruth C. Day is an accomplished and diverse printmaker based in Suffolk, England. As well as experimenting with various printmaking techniques over the years, Ruth also uses textiles, painting and drawing in her continuing efforts to explore the use of colour and in particular, the moods and emotions that colour can evoke.

Ruth C. Day

From an early age, Ruth has had an unquenchable enthusiasm for the visual arts, and since qualifying as an Occupational Therapist in 1975, she incorporated her art in to her practice whenever possible.

Over the past 25 years, Ruth has made more time to study art theory and its practical applications. During this period she has attended a modular degree programme in art and design, various summer schools and many other courses and lectures.

Ruth is an artist member of Ipswich Art Society and is a past member of Sudbourne Park Printmakers.

For Ruth “the most essential element in creating art is enjoying the process”.

Whilst living in beautiful parts of rural Suffolk for 20 years, and now having returned to her home town, Ipswich, she continues to allow her surroundings and her inner self to influence her creativity and to guide her work.

She continues to take a keen interest in the visual arts as a means of expression for individuals with a disability.